Meet Our Team

Mia, Founder

Mia is a successful entrepreneur across both Blockchain and other Technology projects. She has built successful start ups in Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the Consulting space, with firms based in major business and technology centers globally. She holds a graduate degree in Physics & is passionate about capturing new markets through innovation, curiosity, and intense drive.

With SugarLand she has incorporated targeted, purposeful token utilities — from Safety consulting, to creative and functional NFTs, to games and more — which interlock in the SugarLand ecosystem to incentivize investors and create profit and fun for all holders. She integrated & innovated popular Tokenomics — which we call Sugarnomics —  into SugarLand crypto tokens, creating a perfect balance of Reflections, Development, and Liquidity. In both her Development of assets, her treatment of her valued investors, and her communication and care with the SugarLand Community she has operated with complete transparency. As the inventor of the SafePaper, she is among the primary women developing Crypto/Blockchain assets anywhere on the planet.

Sir Elegantium, COO

A 30-year Technology veteran, Sir E was mentored by the marketing team that launched Apple (yes, that Apple), and helped accelerate FastSearch into Bing and Sevant into The Geeks while incubating MIT, Harvard, Berkeley & Stanford startups. He was on the Digital Marketing team that helped launch The Titanic Soundtrack. Yes, blame him for hearing that song all-day, everyday. 

In addition to his work for SugarLand, Sir Elegantium is the President & Managing Partner of a Patents, Blockchain, and Technology Accelerator co-located in Washington DC & NYC, where he brings Quants, Press/PR, UX, Entertainment, Blockchain, Art/NFT, Music and investment partners together for profit … and fun. He studied Biology, Quantum Physics, Number Theory at NYC’s famous Stuyvesant and UC Berkeley; and has the Udemy/Haroun MBA Certificate. His motto is: “DeFi for the people, means ALL the people, everywhere!”

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Nomi, Creatives Head

Nomi is a noted and top ranked Fashion Designer, Digital Illustrator, and Creative Director whose work has been shown in Switzerland, India, and America. Nomi, in addition to her role leading the SugarLand Creative Team, designs many of our logo imaging, Web presence, NFT templates, merchandise, and other important Brand positioning.

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Alex, Admin

Alex is SugarLand’s key admin leader, who is responsible for team management, payroll management, bringing new talent to the table, and keeping his keen eye on all developments in the world of Crypto, NFTs, and Blockchain.

Alex has been part of several hyper-successful Crypto projects over the past couple of years and brings this wealth of experience to SugarLand.

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Chetz, Advisor

Chetz has 7 years+ of extraordinary experience in Blockchain Technology across multiple asset classes. During this time he has been Operations Manager, Founder and Executive of a Central Exchange, and runs his own audit and financial advisory firm. He advises Mia and her team at the highest and most critical levels regarding key decision making.

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