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Realizing that over the course of 2021 an unacceptably large number of rugs/scams have developed on the Binance Platform (and now other SmartContract blockchains too) , Sugarland developed the first of its kind SafePaper (c). This SafePaper, below, includes a critical review of all major security issues & awareness raising aspects for any Crypto project (including NFTs), to help investors make better, more well informed choices. 

It is our belief that a time is soon coming when investors — burned by rugpulls and honeypots one too many times — will not invest in a Crypto asset without SafePaper audit, evidence, and analysis (and related SugarTrust Score) that the project is deemed substantially safe and transparent. This is version 1.4 of the SugarLand SafePaper. Founder and Developer of the SugarLand project Mia takes complete responsibility of mentioned points & their execution. This SafePaper includes all important aspects of the Smart Contract & the Project itself. SugarLand reserves the right to update this SafePaper at a future date.


This SafePaper highlights the technical details of the SUGAR Token. SUGAR is a reflection token, launched on 21-Aug 2021 7 PM UTC. The purpose of this documentation is to cover all aspects of the Sugarland Project from a safety and transparency point of view, providing a foundation of safety for holders and new investors alike. Points included here shall cover major risk points that are often not covered sufficiently in other Blockchain Project descriptions.. All points have verifiable links, as per the below.

Smart Contract

  1. SUGAR has Smart Contract Audit published by Dessert Finance to check security loopholes.

  2. DoxxedAudits DessertFinance keeps a copy of a National ID + Video Doxx of the project developer & holds the right to make that public in event of scam/rug.

  3. Audit Report Link

  4. Why DessertFinance? Fake audit reports are very common, and DessertFinance has its way of publishing & verifying the Audit Report on Blockchain using DSRT Tokens & a reference block number. Such implementation makes it easier to verify that the audit report is legitimate.

  5. Contract has no MINT function. Total supply once minted is exactly the number of maximum tokens to ever be in circulation.

Contract Ownership

  1. No multisign. A single person ownership has generally been seen to be more secure. In Sugarland, the developer wallet access lies just with one owner, ie the documented and doxxed dev, Mia; who enjoys the enormous respect of her community. In case of any emergency, contingency plans are in place as below. 
  2. Reasons to keep ownership For valid reasons like changing marketing wallet address, change autoswap amount, blocking bots, maximum transaction amount, burn cycles, etc. it can be important to have consistent ownership. No other functions would be tweaked, and the same can be verified. Please note that with EverOwn, these functions will be enabled via Community Voting, adding an additional layer of safety and transparency to the project.
  3. Dev Solidity Knowledge Advanced. Can change functions, fix errors, deploy, redeploy, migrate, airdrop, post deploy actions etc.
  4. In-house Contract | No 3rd Party Smart contracts provided by anonymous 3rd parties may carry harmful code. SUGAR on the other hand has our industry-leading in-house solidity code developer, Mia. 
  5. Growth-phase Token With Doxxed Dev, No Renouncement Necessary: Technical changes may be required for the growth of SUGAR. Keeping the contract ownership has heretofore given a safe side to Sugar to access the functions, in future, when needed. 
  6. Second Ownership in case of emergency. Should anything happen to the original Dev of SugarLand, as of week of 3rd October 2021 the SugarLand Community would be able to vote for a deserving Developer for the project from the existing Core Team, and Contract ownership would be passed to them to perform the role of a responsible Developer.

Safe Liquidity

  1. At launch, 100% of the liquidity was locked with DxSale Liquidity Locker for the next 10years.
  2. All New LP tokens are Collected in the Deployer Wallet & used strategically towards SugarLand Ecosystem and Community Strategic and Tactical Goals.
  3. Link to Liquidity Locker:

Tax Redistributions

  1. Growth wallet AutoSwap Sugarland project development & marketing is driven by using the funds collected in Growth Wallet which is completely automated. Autoswaps completely eliminate the potential for manual price manipulation.


  2. No manual sell offs of SUGAR tokens from the Growth Wallet. Instead of tokens, it collects autoswapped BNB.


  3. Fixed 4% for reflections in SUGAR & 4% for LP tokens.

Foundation Supply Lock

  1. Locked & Vested Supply Yearly budget of 5.5 Trillion Supply includes Locking & Vesting. Once unlocked they would be used for various development, marketing, partnerships, airdrops. 


  2. Both Lockers

    Foundation Supply Locker 1 | Vested for 2months | 7% Supply

    Foundation Supply Locker 1 | Vested for 1 Year | 4.5%  Supply

  3. Tokens will be vested again, if unnecessarily unlocked.
  4. No team supply distribution for at least 30 Days past launch.
  5. Team Supply distributed to only productive members, with real contribution towards growth of the project. A minimum of 30 days service is required for the same.
  6. Burn model is included in non Foundation Supply. SUGAR services, paid back in SUGAR, will be announced & burnt.

Workforce & Transparency

  1. All core team members are internally doxxed.
  2. Weekly review of all employees at SUGAR. Eliminating slowdowns/ poor work quality.
  3. Emphasis on transparency at all levels, keeping the community updated on all breakthroughs.

This is the fourth edition of the SugarLand SafePaper, which has outlined major safety points for this blockchain project. Links have been added to verify all info as on 3rd October, 2021. We may add more points in future. Value of this SafePaper lies in the execution of the aforesaid points & will be transparently done. Updated versions of this SafePaper shall be published on the Official Sugarland Website


Drafted/Invented by Mia Founder at, Sugarland
SUGAR [BEP 20 Token]
Contact Info: [email protected]