Welcome to SugarLand

Bringing More $SUGAR to Crypto

Foundational Values at SugarLand -
Crypto, Blockchain & NFTs

Safety & Transparency

SugarLand is built & guarded by the safety parameters listed in our Safepaper. SugarLand invented the Safepaper, and stands out as a Safe haven for investors in a space too often filled with rugs & scams.

Utilities & fun

Sugarland combines the fun factor of a global lifestyle blockchain brand with
our Safety Score-based audit services, creative NFT collectibles, various games, a user friendly payment app, and SugarClub - an exclusive influencer space for crypto connoisseurs.

Sugar Community

Since the very beginning, SugarLand has laid emphasis on building a positive & active community where we grow genuine connections through chats, open communication, contests, and the sharing of great ideas to build our ecosystem.

Introducing the Land of Sugar

SugarLand is quickly building a global lifestyle blockchain brand with an ecosystem for all Sugar apps, games, NFTs, dapps, services & more.

Being the world’s first blockchain ecosystem developed by a young woman in technology – SugarLand’s extraordinarily energetic Dev Mia, who invented the Safepaper – all of SugarLand’s assets are rooted & built on the foundation of SUGAR token which has among the very best tokenomics in all of Cryptocurrency including distinctly beneficial reflections.

Every SUGAR Holder on Decentralized Smart Chain Network receives Static Rewards in more SUGAR Tokens … and is eligible to win multiple rewards, particularly our creative NFTs.

Sugar TrustScore

TrustScore Service is multi-approach audit service targeted to improve the way projects enter the BSC space & flourish.

In times when scams/rugs/honeypots are unfortunately too prevalent, SugarLand has started an innovative service where project developers, investors & influencers can all understand how safe a project is & benefit from the security of knowing that it has a significant Sugar TrustScore; and also what to do should the score initially fall short.

  • Consultation 
  • Pre Audited Smart Contracts 
  • Smart Contract Audits
  • Project Audits
  • Developer Doxx
  • Leaderboard 
  • Advertising 
  • Developer Portal

Win & Collect Fabulous Sugarland NFT Collectibles


Here at the beginning of Sugarland’s journey, a series of NFTs are being minted & distributed – with several more to come – for holders of SUGAR joining us at these early stages.




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Growth Wallet
  • SUGAR Contract Address
  • 0xa16976133D3450f78766ECaa1d743621E237e1A5
  • [Decimal = 9]
  • PancakeSwap Launch | 21 Aug Saturday | 6 PM UTC
  • Presale Liquidity 123 BNB 
  • 100% LP Locked for 10Years
  • Public Listing Price 128,048,780,487 SUGAR/BNB
ROADMAP | Expanding & Sharing the SUGAR

What's unique about SugarLand ?

Use Cases & Branding

SugarLand was born when the dynamic young Dev Mia realized her pre-existing meme coin was, like so many other identical dividend tokens named after small animals, getting lost in the crowd. At that moment, she entered SugarLand.

A Dev of extraordinary talent -- with a huge and loyal following in the Cryptoverse -- Mia decided a Fun Utility Token and Crypto Ecosystem was the way to go for the future, under her OWN branding concept, that includes multifaceted components and use cases including: audit services, dApps, games, NFTs, divisions dedicated to Sports, and Arts, and exchange and so much more. SugarLand is a Blockchain Lifestyle Brand creating Fun and SAFU on the BSC.

Intelligent marketing

$Sugar.X has its own unique set of applications & services, and the fun human values we stand for. Among other huge Marketing Partnerships -- beyond the Cryptoverse things we have done and are doing such as PooCoin ads, Reddit CryptoMoonShots, Twitter Influencers, and the efforts of our amazingly engaged and excited Community -- we have engaged with a premiere American Technology PR group trained by the individuals who helped Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launch Apple to deliver our Brand Promise of: Fun, Profit, Organic Growth, Multiple Use-cases, Safety and Trust in Crypto (Mia invented the SafePaper after all!), NFT development, Games, and an interlocking Ecosystem all with our Dev's "Voice of Calm" in the Wild West of these early days of mass crypto adoption.

Burn Cycles

Burn process involves Sugarland products & services with a revenue model, buyback and burn events, rapid burn cycles.

Initiative Towards Safety In Crypto

Mia's SugarLand launched with her invention of the SafePaper, a safety checklist and Developer's guideline containing all safety parameters to safeguard SugarLand & its investors. Out of this has grown SugarLand's TrustScore service, which is being adopted by major other SAFU assets on the BSC and beyond, which incorporates the SafePaper Seal and full auditing by trained SugarLand staff.

SugarClub, an invite-only space for key Crypto/Blockchain/NFT/Metaverse influencers (being spearheaded by SugarLand's COO) will play major role in pushing this initiative & making crypto safer as well; in addition to its other major interesting initiatives.

Inhouse Graphics, Design & Media Team

Sugarland onboards the most talented designers & artists available around the globe, to produce exceptional media content, fascinating and creative NFT collections, animation videos, & represent the marvelous Fun Safu Utility Token Ecosystem SugarLand stands for.


To propel SUGAR into a global brand we have already announced several major deals and partnerships (such as producing Tennis and other Sports NFTs and Memorabilia in an exclusive deal with New Chapter Media and TennisGrandStand). Over the coming weeks and months, additional partnerships will be unveiled, including with launchpads and exchanges, and exciting developments with new and safe AltToken assets coming aboard the SugarLand SafePaper and TrustScore Leaderboard.